Two tips for the next two weeks: Water and pauses

December 18, 2015
Image: Christmas Feast by Anne Mortimer
Image: Christmas Feast by Anne Mortimer

For those who celebrate a lot during the last two weeks of the year, we can really tax our bodies with processing a lot of food and drink, and often richer food and drink, than we are used to.  We can also run ourselves ragged, overscheduling, too tightly scheduling things, feeling the pressure to do it all and perfectly, as well dealing with a lot of emotions that always seem to charge the holidays in one way or another for so many.


The two simplest tactics to take care of ourselves in these situations:


1.  Drink a lot more water, especially during the festivities themselves, and in the morning first thing have two big glasses before anything else.   We often forget to keep ourselves hydrated and this contributes significantly to how we feel and operate during a hectic and often emotional time.


2.  Pause more:  As you eat and drink, savor what you're experiencing, and give your stomach time to give you signals that it is getting full.  Wait and pause more frequently to listen more deeply to the people you are spending time with.  Plan transitions between events so to have a pause, a breather, to fully end one thing well before rushing off to the next one.  Plan in down time, for a fifteen minute moment of quiet, or an hour long pause of solitude; even two minutes a few times a day will make a difference.  Pause and make time for gratitude and appreciation, for what matters to you most.  


Combine the two and enjoy a real break, then go back and revel in it all.  Repeat as needed.    


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