Thanksgiving is perhaps the favorite holiday...

November 21, 2016

I hear time and again that Thanksgiving is the holiday people enjoy the most.  A lot of it has to do with the food, a singularly American meal, whether you eat turkey or Tofurkey or your own special main dish passed down from your relatives.

Thanksgiving doesn't involve the gift-giving of all the December holidays, so that pressure isn't there.

I've heard that the night before Thanksgiving is the busiest night of the year for bars because there isn't a church service to 'have to' go to, nor do (most) people have to go to work in the morning. 

It's also the holiday where people seem to embrace, go full in on the idea that it's an 'elastic-waist-pants' day:  that they know they will stuff themselves to the point of discomfort, because that's the tradition.

Then you take a nap, and then you have meal two. And either go to the movies, or just keep grazing on the food the rest of the night.

I'd like to suggest you enjoy the food to the fullest, and put the focus on filling up through your connections with people that day instead of thirds and fourths. 

Slow down and really enjoy each bite of food. It's the flavors and textures and essence of the food that we really enjoy, not the quantity.  

Pause between bites and contribute to the conversation more fully.

Stop and look at each person, thinking about them, why they're special to you, what you admire about them, and silently send them a blessing or wish.

Take that idea further and create a tradition of each person at the table saying three things they're grateful for:  Let's recall the name of this holiday, after all. Thanks-Giving.  

Fill yourself up with the experience of the day more than the food.  

Fill yourself up with love and share it all day with your family and friends in whatever way feels right and best represents you.

Fill others up by giving them your presence and attention, one at a time, if even for a few minutes. 

Fill yourself up and be grateful for all you are and do, too.

Stuff yourself and others with love, and be grateful for that most important of emotions and actions.

I will hold you in thanks and love at Thanks-giving, and always.


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