Take a stillness break

November 19, 2015


I invite you to take a five minute stillness break with me right now.  


Set a timer.  


If you have a lovely view of nature or an image of nature or piece of art to gaze at, that would be ideal.  If you don’t, close your eyes, picture your favorite place to be in nature, and put yourself there will all your senses.  


Take three deep breaths, and then just relax your breathing, noticing how it feels to inhale and exhale.


Notice any tension in your body, and consciously relax those parts of you.  


Notice the temperature, the smells, the sounds, how it feels all around you.  


If worrying thoughts or busy-mind tries to take your focus, do the three deep breaths again, really focusing on them fully, to interrupt the thoughts.  


Get as still as you can in body and mind.  Notice whatever sensations or thoughts come up, and refocus on being still over and over as needed.


When the timer goes off, sit for a few moments and notice how you feel.  Know that you can carry this stillness with you as long as you like as it's always with you.


With practice, this will help you feel grounded, clear your mind to better problem solve, be creative or accomplish whatever the task in front of you, stop worrying or negative thinking, or simply to relax and enjoy the moment more deliberately.  Try this as a daily practice.  It can be done anywhere and anytime you need it.  See what benefits show up for you immediately or over the long term.  You may be happily, and peacefully, surprised.  


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