Set your holiday season intentions

December 2, 2015

Day 2 of December.  Most of us have a lot on our lists and schedules for the next few weeks.  Most of us are already complaining and stressed about how much we have to do, and all the decorating and cooking and baking, and all the relatives coming or the travel ahead, and the dread of shopping for all presents, and…. stop.


If this is you, let’s approach this differently.


Please find a few minutes alone, uninterrupted, and get a piece of paper and pen.  Ask yourself these questions one by one and answer honestly.

  1. How do I want to FEEL during the holidays?   (Suggestions: Joyful, relaxed, ease, grateful, abundant, loved…)
  2. Do I “have to” do all the things I think I “should” do?  What can I take off my list, ask someone else to do, or make better or easier?
  3. How will I take care of myself when I recognize I’m stressing out?  (Suggestions: Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths; dance for 3 minutes; take a hot, soothing bath; go for a walk; tell the people around me I’m taking a break for 15 minutes…)
  4. How will I communicate to my family and friends what I need, what I want for the holidays? (Suggestion: Be totally open and clear about your intentions and ask for their agreement, or at least their acceptance.  Do so openly and lovingly, not as a demand, or an apology, just a simple statement.)
  5. What will I give myself over the holidays?  (Suggestion: It’s important to celebrate ourselves and all we are, to give ourselves a gift, whether it be a thing, an experience, or radically loving self care.)

Review your answers, and reread the first paragraph above.  Notice that you get to choose how you will be and respond to this special month of the year.  




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