Nancie Hines, Reflexologist, will melt your stress away

May 2, 2016

Nancie Hines of Portland Reflexology is a nationally certified Reflexologist (one of only a handful in Oregon, a licensed massage therapist, and has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy).  Full disclosure:  I've had many Reflexology sessions with Nancie, and urge you to experience this profoundly healing and relaxing form of bodywork.  I've felt my energy shift, my stress lifted, and been very energized by the treatments.  There is something special and comforting that is uniquely Nancie, though; I've had other Reflexology sessions but not been as profoundly calm and felt so good after her sessions.  (I get no compensation from Nancie for saying so - I simply encourage Portland people - or come on in from outside PDX - to give her work a try!)


What is reflexology?


Reflexology is bodywork that is deeply relaxing. It works on the theory that your feet, hands and ears are mini-maps of your entire body and by using specific thumb and finger movements and pressure on specific points on feet, hands and ears, all body parts, like shoulders and knees can be accessed as well as hormones and organs.


This is how it works: If you have a stiff neck, I  use thumb movement at the base your of toes, fingers and places on the ear.  Clients report that their necks are more relaxed and they have more neck movement at the end of a session. Or if clients are suffering from all the pollen in the air this spring, by working the fingers, toes and sinus point on the ears, people feel their sinuses open in minutes and ask for a Kleenex. Reflexology is an effort to move us from flight or fight to rest and digest, to reduce our stress. De-stressing is a well-known way to ward of illness and disease.  Reflexology is an extremely relaxing, supportive way to reduce our stress loads.



What does Reflexology do for people?


When people leave my session is when you really see what a difference Reflexology makes. You can see the relaxation all over their bodies. Their shoulders drop, their cheeks are pink (for caucasian people) and their voices deepen - All the results of an hour away from the burdens of the day. People tell me they feel more like themselves. They experience the change deep relaxation makes, and I can see it, one client after another.  For people to be less stressed makes a huge difference in their day, their outlook, their energy, and their overall health.


How did you get started in Reflexology?


I love feet.  Ten years ago I was in Seattle opening up a new market for a Portland shoe company serving people with Medicare and diabetes. Research showed that if people with diabetes wore better shoes the government would save billions of dollars in Medicare amputations. So I visited senior centers, retirement homes, wherever, to talk to people about this Shoe Bill. I talked about foot care, measured their feet and let them pick from a catalogue of Medicare shoes with important features, like a wider sole and a higher toe box. When I returned with my boxes of new shoes and inserts, people would yell to others, “the Shoe Lady is here!”  What a great welcome. Large feet, small feet, all feet became interesting to me.


To learn more about feet, I registered at Seattle Reflexology. After one beginning Reflexology class, I was hooked, because I could feel the difference a session made for me. My whole body calmed down and I could think more clearly. A session was like a night’s sleep. I had more energy.


What was it like to start your business?


When I opened Portland Reflexology in 2008, no one knew what Reflexology was. I had a few dear friends who would come and pay me, but for the most part, I gave away hundreds of sessions to educate potential clients. And I did all kinds of promotions like one does to attract new clients. You know that saying, Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread? That was me, starting this business in 2008 at 62. I didn’t even realize we were headed towards a great recession.


It is one thing to follow your heart; it’s another to put all your eggs in one basket. But that’s exactly what I did. At one point, a dear friend recommended I get a job at Target because I could make more money. And in the beginning he was absolutely right. What kept me going were the clients who started to come. And how much better they felt after a session. What also kept me going were the business classes I took and the others in Portland who were trying to get their businesses off the ground. We were all in this together and we helped each other. I was the one who offered de-stressing with Reflexology.


Someone once asked me if I believe in God. And I said in all honestly, I don’t think anyone who puts a business together can do it without a belief in something bigger than themselves. There have been miracles all along the way as well as amazing clients and teachers and coaches who helped me get where I am.


Do you have advice for others starting a business at retirement age?


If you think you want to start your own business, get started.  Ask others for help. Like Lauren.  She helped my mind stop spinning as we wrote a business plan for another business I might add.  Then listen to yourself, especially ideas that move you forward.  After you take the first step, you’ll notice how the road opens, the right people come into your life, and resources follow.   A business of your own may take everything you’ve got and, hopefully, give you everything you want!  Enjoy.  This has become the best part of my life


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