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March 7, 2016
Jennifer Anllo, Medical Esthetician
Jennifer Anllo, Medical Esthetician
I had the good fortune to become friends with Jen when we worked together several years ago.  I watched as she followed her passion and pursued her dream.  She's an expert in her field, and she is a leader - she took the leap and started her own esthetics center, and it's already thriving after a short time.  She loves helping women feel good about themselves, and her magic is with skincare.  She makes sure women look and feel good about themselves, and helps those with difficult skin conditions, scars, burns, whatever it may be, put their best face forward, literally.  She's an inspiration, and I hope you'll enjoy our conversation.  


How did your passion for skin care come about?

My passion for skin care came from my mother.  She taught me to wear makeup and encouraged me to always look my best.  She feels all women should take care of themselves and makeup makes a positive difference.   She was my inspiration.  Then I fell in love with eyebrows and wanted to do something where I could tweeze brows.  Maybe at a salon ? Little did I know...


Say more about the eyebrows!

I realized by doing my friends eyebrows that they looked so polished.... beautiful... and for some, much younger.  It really brought their eyes out.  I fell in love with sculpting brows, and then seeing happiness in their eyes.  I think it is truly the most important feature on the face - it frames the eyes.  It can change everything.


Okay, what are your top 3 tips for beautiful skin, like the no-matter-what things we need to do?

  1. Protect your skin from the sun.  Wearing sunscreen while out in the sun will prevent skin cancer and aging.
  2. Diet is huge with beautiful skin. Sugar will break down cells and age you faster than you would naturally age.  
  3. Using high quality skin care products is important, and getting skin care treatments from an educated esthetician will also help maintain beautiful skin over time.

What is it about your work that is most meaningful for you?

The most meaningful aspect of my work is the relationship I have with my clients.  I have had the privilege of working with the smartest, most beautiful, amazing women!  I get to know their families, their lives, and their beauty.  I love helping them bring that out in themselves.


For those not familiar, what services do medical estheticians typically offer, and what skin problems would benefit the most from each?

The services range from peels, permanent makeup, and laser procedures to makeup lessons.  We specialize in anti-aging treatment.  Skin problems we address range from pigmentation to broken capillaries to acne.


You used to work in a very busy surgeon's practice, and now you are a business owner and have a very busy esthetics center.  How did that dream come about, and how did you decide to take that big leap?

There was always a seed in my mind to open my own practice.  I never thought it would actually happen.  However, heathcare is going through changes and I felt the time was right to really move forward and follow my dream.  I also decided to not have children, and this became my baby.  I truly thought...You get one shot at this life:  Make sure you do what you want.  I have made many changes throughout my life, and honestly, not all were good.  But I knew in my heart that this one was going to be amazing.


Given your busy schedule, what are your biggest challenges professionally and personally, and how do you stay focused, energized, and balanced?  How do you get it all done?

My biggest challenge personally is finding time for myself.  I have a hard time taking care of me.  Time is my biggest challenge.  I am still working on that one!  Professionally, my biggest challenge is letting my wonderful team do their job.  I tend to try to do everything myself.  So, I am learning to delegate and develop my staff.  I feel to balance both personal and professional I truly have to eat healthy and sleep well.  If I do that the rest will fall into place.


How do you manage frustrations or setbacks?

By always knowing there is an answer and a way around it.  I really never get caught up in the frustration.  I try to really look at the bright side and silver linings.  I can find the bright side of anything.  I truly believe that I was just born that way.  I think you are either born positive or negative in your point of view.  


What energizes and inspires you?

What keeps me energized is the all the positive energy that flows through my office.  It drives me to keep learning and stay inspired.  The positive energy there is just so contagious!  The results are so good with our offerings, and the boutique feel of the center keeps clients coming back and loving the top notch everything.  From the atmosphere to the results, we've truly created a beautiful place to be a guest.


What has surprised you the most about having your own business?

Honestly, what surprised me is that I never thought I would think about anything so much and become so obsessed about details.  Every detail needs to be perfect in my office, from the smell of the air to the way the toilet paper is folding into a triangle in the ladies room.  Also, I never thought I would love my staff like I do.  They are wonderful to work with.  I love how we all back each other up... always !


What's your best advice for anyone thinking about starting their own business?

Know that it is the hardest but most rewarding thing you will ever do.   Know that you will work the hardest you have ever worked, however it will be completely amazing when you succeed.


How do you define success?

Success for me is watching my team doing an amazing job with our clients and loving their jobs, our clients loving coming in and smiling big when they leave, and when the office is quiet at night while I am closing up, still feeling the positive energy throughout the space.


What's the one word or mantra over all others that guides you and your life?

This has been mantra has been for 12 years:  Do right by people and the rest will come. Help the client by doing the right thing for them, don't focus on money.  Everything will then fall into place.  It is really that simple.


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(Personal disclaimer and recommendation:  When I lived in PA, I went to Jen for skin care monthly, and she helped me get rid of sun damage and overall improved my skin by leaps and bounds.  If you're in/near the Lehigh Valley or traveling there or nearby, I do highly recommend you treat yourself to an appointment to find out for yourself why I recommend her services and expertise (or that of expert estheticians).  And, you'll get to meet an awesome woman who has inspired me greatly...) 



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