November 21, 2015


With Thanksgiving a few days away here in the U.S.A, my focus is shifting to all for which I’m grateful.  The list is long, and it takes my breath away to contemplate it.  


It’s so easy to forget all we have living in a culture that constantly pressures us to want more, consume more, to be unsatisfied with what we have, to compare what we have with what others have, to be dissatisfied all the time, to desire material things and to be prettier, more muscular, stronger, wealthy, sexier, more fill-in-the-blank with your particular insecurity the marketing psychologists are so very good at getting inside our heads about.


Focusing on what we’re grateful for right now is one of the most powerful stress reducers there is, and it helps us get what we want in the future because it reminds us what matters to us the most.  When our values are clear, it’s much easier to act in our real self-interest, not what the world tries to push us around with.  


I challenge you to take a piece of paper, and write an evidence list of all the abundance you have in your life.  See if you can fill it.  Make this activity even more meaningful, and do it every day as a meditation practice.  Or start a gratitude journal or jar.  Post the word “gratitude” around your life to help you remember this wonderful way to feel peaceful and grounded and abundant.

I’l start my list right now.  I’m grateful for you, wherever and whoever you are, taking the time to read this.  


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Great challenge and a wonderful practice.
By: gulara on November 21, 2015

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