Bradley Will. Yes, he will.

December 16, 2015

Bradley Will.  I'm not sure how your Learn to Blog course found its way into my online world, but I'm so grateful it did.  

Thanks to your low key yet energetic leadership and encouragement, I've blogged every day for 30 days. I had only dreamt of blogging regularly prior to this, and now I feel a lovely, solid habit of writing every day inspiring my life and my work.  

Bradley Will.  I've wanted to ask if that's your given name.  I was taken with wondering what the beginning of that sentence would have following it.  Bradley will.... I've learned you will show up every day, you will be honest and transparent, open and authentic.  You will deliver, you will ask and listen and determine what your audience is doing and needs.  You will surprise us, you will will keep moving forward, learning, leaning in, being willing to do whatever ever it takes to keep things progressing and positive, and that giving up is not an option.  

I am eternally grateful for your encouragement to do it, to keep writing and posting, despite hesitations and doubts. Early to midway in the challenge something you said (and I wish I could quote you) prompted me to post one of the most vulnerable stories of my life, and that was the game changer.  It made me dig deeper in my courage, and decide to be myself, and accept whatever happened.  And, what happened was an amazing outpouring of support and reaffirmed love and acceptance from people all over my life in.  The healing that came from this was profound.  

Writing and posting every day has helped me and the people I'm here to serve as a coach find each other.  I've had more people invest in coaching engagements, and had more inquiries into my practice, in the past 30 days than in the past three months.  They've come from everywhere, which has amazed me. The reach of the group and you spurring me on to share my work via my social network connections are huge blessings and have helped me trust myself and others more deeply. 

I'm excited to see what's next, for you, and for myself.  I find myself saying "what will I do next".  Lauren will... I look forward to finishing that sentence multiple times a day.  Bradley Will...  I know you will keep on doing amazing things, and again extend my most humble and enthusiastic thank you, and wish you the greatest success and all of life's joys.  


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