Am I the only one that thinks words are weird?

November 30, 2016
Graffiti artists who worked on the Lennon Wall
Graffiti artists who worked on the Lennon Wall

Words are really important. And sometimes unnecessary, useless.

This, from someone who loves to write, who loves to use my words to comfort and inspire and educate and connect.

We have all had that experience when words fail us, like when someone has experienced a death or loss or horror. Where everything sounds shallow or hollow or useless or trite or worse, the words are misunderstood and suddenly we've made a bad situation worse. 

We've all had that experience when we've had those magical moments and feelings that are indescribable, that words can't begin to explain, those seemingly achingly long moments of wordlessness where we're completely present, that take our breath and words away.

And, I hope we've all had those moments of intimacy where nothing is said, and yet the communication and connection and depth of feeling and energy felt makes time and space completely disappear.  We've spoken without words.
Sometimes when I'm writing, I look at a word like "the" and suddenly don't understand it, almost like I've never seen it before, an odd scribble we've assigned some meaning to, that ultimately helps, but sometimes... I just find words completely bizarre.

And, sometimes words come to me and they're breathtaking. A massive gift of clarity and connection and joy and insight and illumination and many things. They feel good coming out of my mouth, and as the sound, the vibration of them hang in the air they become something beautiful all their own.

Words have great power. We all know the impact of hurtful words said to children, imprinting on them and shaping their identities and world views, lasting long into adulthood sometimes/usually. 

We all know the impact of hurtful words said to anyone of any age, anywhere. 

Words have great power in our own heads, perhaps most importantly of all. What we think and what we choose to believe about what we think, and if we choose to think differently makes the total difference between hope and despair, self-esteem and self-loathing, love and hate, failure and success, moving our lives forward or staying stuck...

I have been watching and studying how I think for a while now. Catching thoughts and deciding if they are helping me or hurting me is a full-time job; research shows we think 60,000-90,000 thoughts a day. (No wonder I'm tired.)

Changing them, consciously deciding what I want to think has made a massive difference in my life. 

It's a lot of work. And worth every moment.

Words make a difference. Words are sometimes the last thing needed, completely unnecessary. Living that paradox is lovely for me. Sitting in stillness with a quiet mind daily is critical for my wellbeing. Being in wordlessness with someone I care about is profoundly timeless. 

Listen to the words around you and within you, and make new choices as needed. Listen to the silence within and hopefully outside of you as often as you can. Live and love both.

Love is a word that I don't think is weird, by the way. It's the truth of each one of us. 




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